[HanoiLUG] A Bar For Your Desk!

Le Quoc Thai lquocthai at ioit.ncst.ac.vn
Mon Jun 19 16:49:36 ICT 2006

Good afternoon,

Since the first time I heard about OSS, and then started trying Linux
seriously,  there's always a big question hanging in my mind. That is
how productive I am when working in OS-based environment? I must answer
this not just to my self but more importantly to my boss.

Under the pressure of software pricing, the freedom to download source
code that OSS offers seems to be the most attractive to me. But over the
years, the need to work efficiently has been increasing day by days. I
am proud to tell you that I am no longer dependent on MS, but I also
want to show all of you  that I am more productive than I was. And
that's more meaningful to switch to Linux.

To be persuasive enough, should I provide you one concrete evidence? All
right, today I would like to draw your attention to a handy tool in
GNOME which is called Deskbar.  Go here to read more

It's worth to note that even though Deskbar has been made available
since GNOME 2.14, but I only get to know about its existence when
progfou "tóc vàng" introduced me in the Ubuntu Installation Party not
long ago. In other words, it's not added to GNOME panel by default. 

This tool is freaking useful, so don't let it pass you by, guys!
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