[HanoiLUG] [NEWS] Michael Meeks Says OO.o Project is "Profoundly Sick"

Jean Christophe André jean-christophe.andre at auf.org
Mon Dec 29 21:51:32 ICT 2008

Phuong Vo a écrit :
> Link: http://www.gnome.org/~michael/blog/ooo-commit-stats-2008.html
> (via slashdot)
> At the end of the post he point to go-oo, which is a forked version
> of OO.o with community patch.
BTW, FYI, the OO.o version provided in Debian, and so Ubuntu, has most
of the Go-OO patches applied.

> Another interesting office suite would be KOffice, though it is not
> realy completed yet.
And I wonder if it will be some day or not...

Personnally I avoid using the K* familly because they are too buggy...
They have a lot of interesting functionnalities, but the most important
one is lacking: stability (and so data security is lacking too).

It's sad, because for example Konqueror is really good at being MS-IE's
buggy implementation compliant, good enough to be able to browse those
buggy web sites conforming to MS-IE and not to the W3C standards!

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